Alicia Longmore, LISW-S


Alicia Longmore, LISW-S

E-mail:   [email protected]

Ali has degrees from Athens State University (Alabama), and the University of Toledo. She has resided in Ohio, Colorado, Alabama, and Tennessee.

About Alicia:

I believe in a therapy environment of respect, dignity, and compassion, and together with my patients find ways to thrive in an often chaotic and difficult world. I look forward to building a respectful and nurturing relationship with room for laughter and tears.

I provide therapy services to patients with a variety of chronic health diagnoses who are also struggling with their emotional health. My experience in the emergency department, hospice and home health has given me insight into the mental health challenges that frequently accompany the life limitations of chronic illness. I work with my patients to help them to find ways to re-discover their relevance, manage the multiple demands of maintaining their self-care, and to thrive despite their physical challenges. I work with a significant number of patients who are living with morbid obesity and help patients with challenges connected with bariatric surgery.

Additionally, I enjoy navigating with older patients who are making major life adjustments such as entering elder facilities, managing caregiving responsibilities, and working through the challenges of aging.  

Specialized training in:

* Diabetes management

* Trauma

* Hoarding disorder

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