Rosie R. Best, MSW, LISW-S


Rosie R. Best, MSW, LISW-S


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Rosie is from England. She graduated from BGSU with a Master of Arts in Teaching Theatre, and from the University of Toledo with a Masters in Social Work..

Right now it might be difficult to see past the anguish of this very moment. When life is throwing all manner of challenges at us, or when our mental health struggles are weighing us down, it’s tempting to think that we might be stuck here for ever. Taking some time to meet with a therapist can be a very helpful tool in sorting out what is possible for us to move forward.

If there has been a time when I haven’t been helping people, then I don’t remember when it was. I have worked in a variety of capacities as a Youth Pastor, teacher at Toledo School for the Arts, Theatre Artist, and Therapist in a school setting. I believe there is power in people’s abilities to tell their stories aright. I use active listening and intentional curiosity to assist people make personal discoveries and life-affirming choices. I truly believe in the power of the arts to infuse hope and healing into everyday life situations. The use of the imagination can be a great way to consider the possibilities that there may indeed be a different way to live, choose, and dream. I bring my experience in the arts to the therapy setting to provide an unique and interactive experience that helps my clients to move forward and restore well-being. 

I am an ally of the LGBTQ+ family, a woman of faith, and I have been a caregiver to those living with dementia.

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